Hazelight Studios' co-op action-adventure game A Way Out was a huge success following its release back in 2018, and now the team has revealed its next project - It Takes Two, set to arrive in 2021.

The story is said to focus on the characters of Cody, May, and their daughter Rose. In distress due to her parents splitting up, Rose builds two dolls out of wood and clay that come alive and magically transform into Cody and May, marking the start of an adventure where you'll have to work co-operatively to return them to their human form.

Little else has been said about the game for now, aside from that it's coming to Xbox One in 2021. So far, we haven't heard any mention about an Xbox Series X specific version as well.

From Hazelight comes It Takes Two – an innovative co-op adventure where uniquely varied gameplay and emotional storytelling intertwine in a fantastical journey.

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