Perfect Dark Zero

There have been ongoing rumours about the Fable and Perfect Dark series making a return next generation.

Speculation about Fable's comeback intensified earlier this week when a newly-created Twitter account of the same name was spotted. Today, this followed with the discovery of a Perfect Dark account, and then Tom Warren from The Verge pointed out how one was registered by an Xbox employee and the other had a Microsoft email address attached.

GM of Xbox Games Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, saw Warren's tweet doing the rounds online and decided to quell any excitement by explaining how it was "standard practice" to secure social handles for major Xbox IP:

This seemingly wasn't enough to extinguish the flame - with Warren then reminding everyone how the accounts had only been registered in March and June of this year. Since then, the same Perfect Dark Twitter has gone live. In its description, it's noted how it's "not affiliated" with Microsoft. Despite this, the one and only Ken Lobb is now following it.

Do you think this is a sign of things to come, or just "standard practice" as Greenberg puts it? Share your thoughts below.