Xbox Boss Comments On Yesterday's Stunning Unreal Engine 5 Demo

Yesterday's tech demo showing off the new Unreal Engine 5 was undoubtedly impressive, but was notably said to be running on a PS5 devkit. Following the event, Xbox head Phil Spencer took to Twitter to congratulate Epic Games on the reveal, and share more Xbox specific details.

"Incredible work by the team at Epic @UnrealEngine, many of our XGS studios are using Unreal, like the team at Ninja Theory creating Hellblade II, and are excited to bring these UE5 innovations to life on Xbox Series X."

This was later echoed by GM of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg, who highlighted the potential of Unreal Engine 5 when running on "the world's most powerful console":

"Super impressive and can only imagine what the new Unreal 5 Engine will look like on the world’s most powerful console. #XGonGiveItToYa."

Ultimately, we can't wait to see how Unreal Engine 5 is utilised on Xbox Series X, with previous versions of the engine already being used by Xbox Game Studios titles such as Gears 5 and Sea of Thieves. With any luck, we'll hopefully get a taste of this at Microsoft's first-party Xbox Series X reveal in July.

What do you make of these comments from Phil Spencer and Aaron Greenberg? Share your thoughts below.

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