The first Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines game came out all the way back in 2004, and a sequel was announced for current-gen platforms some time ago. Now, the teams at Paradox Interactive and Hardsuit Labs have now confirmed that the game is also coming to Xbox Series X.

Bloodlines 2 is an RPG set in the World of Darkness story universe. It'll allow you to choose a side among competing factions in the war for Seattleā€™s blood trade, and give you the ability to be "brutal and unflinching or cultured and seductive" as you rise through vampire society.

On Xbox Series X, the game will be leveraging Smart Delivery, allowing you to buy one copy of the game and play the best version on either Xbox One or Xbox Series X. Additionally, Bloodlines 2 will feature cross-generation character saves, allowing you start on Xbox One and upgrade to Xbox Series X later down the line.

"Enter the World of Darkness and rise through vampire society. Experience Seattle - a city full of alluring, dangerous characters and factions. In this sequel to the cult classic, your choices, plots and schemes will change the balance of power."

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