Indie developer Everything is Full of Gods has announced Moonray - a "Souls-like hack-and-slash set on surreal planets." The game is coming to Steam Early Access later this July, but has also confirmed to be releasing for Xbox Series X (and PS5) at a later date.

The game focuses on a golem created by a "godlike being", with the objective to "destroy the deadly cult seeking her demise." You can see a taste of it in the trailer above, and developer describes the PC Early Access version as having a 10-15 hour campaign, with an official planned release in Summer 2021.

Moonray’s combat quickly shifts from simple beginnings to tense showdowns. Weave light and heavy melee attacks with Hyperblaster shots while dodging and parrying blows to wear down and triumph over the opposition. Slay enemies to earn materials spent at resting points known as Beams of Light to upgrade health, stamina, and healing abilities.

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