Gears Tactics Developer Explains Why The Game Isn't On Xbox One Yet

We know a lot of the Pure Xbox community has been eagerly anticipating Gears Tactics for some time - the turn-based strategy title from developers Splash Damage and The Coalition. But the game has only been released on PC for now, and Splash Damage has provided an explanation as to why.

Speaking via its website, the company says that Gears Tactics was designed specifically for PC, and it doesn't want to make the game feel like a port when it finally arrives on consoles:

Tactics was designed from the ground up specifically for PC – from mouse/keyboard-based gameplay and UI to incredible optimization that allows Gears Tactics to run on a variety of machines. We want to ensure that Gears Tactics feels right at home on a console and not like a port, so our team is working hard on designing a custom quality experience.

It's already been announced that Gears Tactics is coming to Xbox consoles later this year, and we're presuming an Xbox Series X version might also be on the cards. The official website is saying "late 2020," but if you do have a PC, keep in mind that you can play the game right now with Xbox Game Pass.

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