Codemasters Is Working On A 'Brand New DiRT Experience'

Codemasters has taken to its official forum to announce the end of additional Seasons for DiRT Rally 2.0. However, the company has also revealed that it's working on a "brand new experience" for the DiRT franchise, and the game will apparently be unveiled very soon.

Speaking earlier today, Codemasters told fans to "prepare to see something new roar to life in the world of DiRT" and indicated that the upcoming title is being developed by a separate Codemasters Studio to the DiRT Rally team.

"Prepare to see something new roar to life in the world of DiRT, very soon. Developed by a separate Codemasters studio to the DiRT Rally team, we’re incredibly excited about what’s around the corner. We invite you to be part of a brand new experience, while also continuing to enjoy our definitive Rally offering."

As for DiRT Rally 2.0, the company says that minor updates and surprises are still planned for the game, but the team is now focusing on the future. However, it will continue to have daily, monthly and weekly challenges, and more general support for the game will also persist as usual.

Nothing has been said about exactly when the "brand new experience" in the DiRT franchise will be revealed, but with a major Xbox Series X gameplay reveal coming up later this week, we wouldn't be surprised if we see something then.

What do you think the new 'DiRT experience' will be? Share your predictions in the comments.