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Gearbox Software has announced its looter shooter Borderlands 3 will be receiving a few more updates next month.

First up, on 4th June, is the endgame gauntlet Takedown at the Guardian Breach - which promises to put your skills (and gear) to the "ultimate" test.

The main course will then arrive on 25th June - it's the third paid DLC titled Bounty of Blood: A Fistful of Redemption. In this western-themed campaign about revenge and redemption, you'll head to a town called Vestige to claim a bounty.

Here's the full backstory:

You’ll travel to the harsh desert planet of Gehenna to claim a bounty on The Devil Riders, a vicious gang of bandits mounted atop fearsome beasts. The Devil Riders have been terrorizing the small town of Vestige, and you’ll have to team up with the locals if you want any hope of administering some frontier justice. Along the way, you’ll run into fresh faces like Rose, a warrior who’s adept with pistol and katana alike, and Juno, a rough-and-tumble brawler with a checkered past. Your actions will have a direct impact on Vestige and its denizens, as you help build the town back up through story missions and Crew Challenges alike. As you do your part to restore order to Gehenna, the narrator will chime in to provide commentary on the action, or just give a bit of insight into some characters’ innermost thoughts.

This next DLC will also include new game mechanics, like a customisable "Jetbeast" hoverbike to help you traverse the open plains of Gehenna. There are certain interactable objects that are only found on this planet as well, which will aid you in both combat and exploration. Here some examples:

For instance, the Traitorweed can temporarily turn enemies into allies, while the Breezebloom will lift your Vault Hunter to great heights so you can reach otherwise-out-of-reach areas.

Get a glimpse of Bounty of Blood in the latest episode of The Borderlands Show (25:00) and the screenshots below:

During the same episode, Gearbox’s creative director Matt Cox shared some concept artwork (see below) of the fourth campaign add-on. This will apparently be revealed at a later date.

Borderlands 3 Concept

Will you be trying out Borderland 3's western-themed DLC when it arrives next month? Comment down below.