Xbox Lockhart Will Be "Surprisingly Small In Volume", Suggests Insider

The "Xbox Lockhart" is something we've been hearing about for some time now - a secondary, lesser-powered next-gen system from Microsoft. And while it hasn't been officially unveiled yet, Windows Central Senior Editor Jez Corden recently took to the Gamertag Radio podcast to share what he's heard about the form factor of the console:

"I've got no idea what it looks like exactly, but I've heard that it's surprisingly small in volume. It sounds like it's going to be fairly small, which is why I posted that [concept] render - I don't know if it's going to look exactly like that, but I've heard that it could be similar in volume. It's been described to me as being like, I don't know, shoebox-ish, but smaller."

We shared the concept render that he referred to a couple of weeks ago here at Pure Xbox, which was originally posted on Reddit. The design basically shows an Xbox Series X cut in half, and the host of the podcast stated that it reminded them of a Nintendo GameCube, to which Corden responded with the following:

"I don't know if it'll be smaller than the [Nintendo] GameCube, but I don't know - I've heard that it's going to be pretty small. It sounds like it's going to be sleek anyway. But again, no idea. I'm expecting that we'll see it very soon. If they're shipping them out more broadly, someone in the supply chain or someone, somewhere will leak something."

What do you think the Xbox Lockhart or "Series S" will look like? Let us know in the comments.

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