The Minecraft RTX Beta dropped just a few days ago for PC users with an Nvidia RTX GPU, and fans have already been posting some incredible footage of the game. The video you see above is taken from Digital Foundry, which produced a forty-minute hands-on with the new tech.

You'll get a look at how lighting is drastically improved due to the new path-tracing implementation, as well as more information on how the Beta runs in terms of resolution and frame rates. If you're interested, Digital Foundry also put out a video recently on the similar Minecraft DXR tech demo for Xbox Series X.

If all of this has got you eager to try the Minecraft RTX Beta for yourself, you can find out more information over at the Nvidia website, including how to download its all-essential RTX Game Ready Driver.

What do you make of this footage? Have you tried the Minecraft RTX Beta? Let us know in the comments.