Here's A Look At The Minecraft Dungeons World Map

We've had our first look at the Minecraft Dungeons map courtesy of Microsoft and Windows Central. The game, which has been in closed beta since late March, will include everything seen in this image at launch, but new dungeons and areas will reportedly open up as you progress.

Some of the areas said to be featured within this map include the Camp, which is the central location where you set up base, the lava-filled Redstone Mines, and the spooky Creeper Woods.

In other Minecraft Dungeons news, developer Mojang recently commented to Eurogamer about why the game was delayed to May 26th (as shared by sister site Nintendo Life). Executive Producer David Nisshagen noted that the game could have made its original April release date, but the team wanted to deliver a "better end product":

We don't want to stress the teams during this time. We could probably have made [the old date] but that probably felt uncomfortable - partially for the team and also for the players, who we couldn't guarantee would get a good, fun game. So by taking this little extra end time, we'll have a better end product and happier team which can take pride in it.

Are you looking forward to playing Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox Game Pass in May? Let us know in the comments.

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