Steel Series: Arctic Pro Headsets Won't Work Properly On Xbox Series X© Steel Series

We've talked a lot recently here at Pure Xbox about how Microsoft has ditched the optical port on the Xbox Series X, leading to speculation about how certain headsets and speaker systems will work. While the vast majority should still prove compatible, Steel Series has noted that three of its headsets won't function as intended on the new system.

According to a blog on the Steel Series website, the Arctis Pro, Arctis Pro + GameDAC and Arctis Pro Wireless will still work to a point, but will have to be plugged into the controller directly. All of these currently work on Xbox One via a workaround involving the optical audio jack.

Here's what the company says about it:

While the Arctis Pro, Arctis Pro + GameDAC, and Arctis Pro Wireless were not designed specifically for Xbox One, we did provide some workaround guides to make them work on Xbox One. Unfortunately, the Xbox Series X console does not include an optical audio jack, so the Xbox One workaround setup will not work. The only option for using Arctis Pro headsets with the Xbox Series X will be to connect them wired to the controller.

As noted above, it's not necessarily a surprise that these won't work as intended due to never specifically being designed for the Xbox One. Furthermore, Steel Series has announced that the Arctis 1 and 3 will still work via the headset jack on the controller, while the "best Arctis for Xbox Series X" will be the Arctis 9X, which will be compatible with Xbox Series X from day one with all features (including wireless) supported.

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