Resident Evil 4 Is Getting A Remake, Planned To Release In 2022

The next remake in the Resident Evil series will be the highly-popular Resident Evil 4, according to Video Games Chronicle. Multiple development sources have reportedly confirmed to the website that the game is now in full production, and has an estimated release window of 2022.

Apparently, development on the game is being handled by Tatsuya Minami's M-Two Inc, which previously served as a support studio on the Resident Evil 3 remake. However, like that game, which was handled primarily by developer Red Works, additional internal and external studios are expected to provide support as well.

For now, it's reportedly unclear whether previous members of the Resident Evil 4 team at Capcom are involved with the remake project, although its original director - Shinji Mikami - was allegedly approached to co-found the development studio at M-Two, but turned it down due to commitments surrounding Bethesda's upcoming GhostWire: Tokyo. According to one source, the remake of Resident Evil 4 is being directed by a newcomer to the series.

Just recently, we polled the Pure Xbox community on which Resident Evil game they'd like to see remade next, and while Resident Evil 4 didn't come out top, it certainly did pretty well. So, how do you feel about this news? Are you excited, or were you hoping to see something different? Let us know in the comments.