Microsoft gave us a recap of the Xbox Series X's tech specs with Director of Program Management Jason Ronald during yesterday's Inside Xbox show. He talked about a variety of new features (you can watch the full thing above), including how external storage will work on the system:

"What you just held up was the 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X that we've developed in partnership with Seagate, and that matches the internal performance exactly. And it's all about sustained performance, so if a game takes full advantage of the Xbox Velocity Architecture, that same game can live on the internal storage, or can live on that external expandable storage card, and you'll get the exact same performance."

Xbox Live's Major Nelson also chipped in to provide clarification on how external hard drives - rather than SSDs - will work on Xbox Series X. Ultimately, he suggested you'll be able to store all games on HDDs, but they'll only be fully compatible with Xbox One (and presumably Xbox and Xbox 360) games.

"You can always take your Xbox One games and play them directly off your external hard drive when connected to Xbox Series X. Now for Xbox Series X games, you can certainly store them on your external hard drive, but when you're ready to play them, you're going to want to move them to the internal SSD or the Seagate expansion drive."

How costly do you think the Seagate Storage Expansion Card will be for Xbox Series X? Give us your predictions below.