You don't need us to say too much about this -- just watch it for yourself. The video above, posted by Xbox earlier today, shows State of Decay 2 running on both an Xbox One X and Xbox Series X. And the difference in loading times is incredibly significant.

The video, which is described as a "tech demo" for now, shows State of Decay 2 taking around 50 seconds to finally boot into a game on Xbox One X, while it takes just eight seconds (yes, eight!) for the same game to load on Xbox Series X. It's worth noting, however, that the video description indicates that this backward compatible test "does not represent gameplay optimized for Xbox Series X."

Even so, this is incredibly impressive. If Microsoft can target similar load times even just for backwards compatible Xbox One games in the future, we're in for a treat. We're looking forward to seeing how something like Halo Infinite runs compared to the Xbox One version later this year.

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