Have Another Two Games Just Been Confirmed For Xbox Game Pass?

We heard a lot of you suggesting you'd love to see Control added to next month's Xbox Games With Gold lineup in our Talking Point the other day, but this might be the next best thing! According to someone over at the Xbox One Reddit, they've received a promotional email suggesting Control and DOOM II (Classic) are being added very soon.

They posted a screenshot of the email as well, which suggested the two games are "top titles you can play now with Xbox Game Pass", hinting their inclusion is imminent:

That said, we haven't received this email yet, and it doesn't seem many (if any) others have either. It could be that it was a simple mistake and the person received it in error, or it could be that Control and DOOM II are on their way to Xbox Game Pass in the near future. We hope it's the latter!

Would you like to see Control added to Xbox Game Pass? What about DOOM II (Classic)? Let us know below.

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