Former Sony Designer Suggests The Xbox Series X Is "A Beast" Compared To PS5

Back in late March, Ex-Sony Game Designer Chris Grannell caused quite the stir after suggesting he'd heard the Xbox Series X and PS5 power difference is "quite staggering". Yesterday, Grannell took to the Dealer Gaming podcast to elaborate more on what developers have been telling him:

"You know, it was [a phrase] that developers that I've been speaking to utilised, some said "significant", [some said] "staggering" - there were all different types of wording used, but there was kind of an overwhelming difference that the machine that Microsoft had put together is a beast compared to what Sony have put together."

You can hear Grannell's comments at the 2:10:00 mark of the video, during which he also discussed both next-gen consoles in more depth (particularly the PS5). Additionally, he went on to talk more about the difference between Xbox Series X and PS5, suggesting Sony has been "caught off guard":

"I think Sony have kind of rested on their laurels a little bit. You know, they've got this massive kind of market share and lead, and they've done a bit of a PS3... not that bad in terms of hardware and complications and things like that, but just a little bit of - they didn't really kind of appreciate what Xbox were going to try and do in terms of this kind of power narrative."

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