All Xbox Live Gold Members Can Play Gears 5 For Free This Week

It's been a pretty busy week for Gears 5, with the game's sizeable Operation 3: Gridiron update being released last Tuesday. And now, regardless of whether you own the game (or you're an Xbox Game Pass member), all Xbox Live Gold subscribers can play it for free until April 12th.

Additionally, as we shared recently here at Pure Xbox, everyone who plays Gears 5 from now until April 20th will receive the skin of ex-WWE star Batista for use in multiplayer, including his awesome-looking Batista Bomb execution. Here's what it looks like in-game:

If you're an Xbox Game Pass Quests fanatic, you'll probably have noticed the Gears 5 Microsoft Rewards punch card recently as well. You can get an easy 500 points by watching a trailer for the game, watching it on Mixer, and earning one of the new achievements in the Operation 3: Gridiron update.

Will you be checking out Gears 5 during its free week? Tell us what you think of the game down below.

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