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  • News Is This An Early Look At Forza Motorsport On Xbox Series X?

    Taken from a GDC talk

    In a recent GDC Virtual Talk over on YouTube (which you can see above), CG Supervisor Matt Collins from Forza Motorsport developer Turn 10 Studios discussed how the team creates art assets for the franchise, and revealed a few images that might hint at what to expect from the inevitable (but currently unannounced) Forza...

  • News Microsoft's Jason Ronald Provides New Xbox Series X Hints

    "Great end to an exciting week"

    Microsoft's Jason Ronald is Director of Project Management on Xbox Series X, and is also known for being the guy with that massive beard. He doesn't tweet all that often, but last night, he provided some more insight into Team Xbox and how plans are progressing for the Xbox Series X. Noting how hard the Xbox team is...

  • Talking Point What Are You Playing This Weekend? (April 25th)

    Let us know!

    The weekend is here! There are loads of free games you can take advantage of over the next couple of days, including four Free Play Days titles, a selection of recent Xbox Game Pass additions, and yesterday's release of the free Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 download. Here's what we're playing over the next couple of days:

  • News DOOM Eternal Sold 3x More Digital Copies Than DOOM (2016) At Launch

    Great start

    Nielsen company SuperData has published its worldwide digital games market report for March 2020, revealing that DOOM Eternal sold three million digital copies throughout its launch month. In comparison, DOOM (2016) sold just 957k digital copies during its launch back in May 2016. It's great news for the franchise, with SuperData...

  • Video This Week On Xbox - 24th April

    The full round-up

    It's been another action-packed week in the Xbox universe. Rare launched a brand new update for Sea of Thieves, CD Projekt Red revealed its Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X, Sega's Yakuza Kiwami was released on Xbox Game Pass and the multiplayer component of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is free-to-play this weekend. As usual, Major...

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  • News Xbox Game Pass: Six New Games And Ten Removals Announced

    Update: Added another one!

    Update: Make that six new games! Microsoft has now also revealed what's coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC, which includes all the below titles as well as adventure game Machinarium and the previously announced Gears Tactics. The latter is arriving on April 28th, but no date has been provided for any of the other titles on PC...

  • Guide All Xbox Game Pass Games

    The Complete List For Xbox One & PC

    Looking for a complete list of Xbox Game Pass games for console and PC? You'll find every included title in the subscription-based service below, including backwards compatible Xbox and Xbox 360 games. It's worth noting that the console and PC versions of Game Pass are separate - if you want them both, you'll need...

  • Rumour Microsoft To Hold Two Xbox Series X Digital Events Very Soon

    "I think you're going to see a lot of games"

    According to a rumour that originated a few days ago on 4chan, Microsoft is said to be holding two next-generation Xbox Series X digital events in the next couple of months. And while the popular bulletin board is known for not always being accurate with leaks, another source has come forward to suggest...

  • News Two More Of April's Xbox Games With Gold Titles Are Now Available

    No sign of Blinx though

    You can now begin downloading the second batch of this month's Xbox Live Games With Gold titles, which are the Xbox One Knights of Pen and Paper bundle, and the Xbox 360 game Toybox Turbos. Both games are available right now from the Microsoft Store (links at the bottom of the page). Interestingly, there's no sign of...

  • News Former Xbox Marketing Lead Reveals What He Thinks Of The PS5 Controller

    Also talks AA batteries

    Albert Penello, who worked as part of the Xbox team for almost two decades and was instrumental in the launch of the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, has revealed his thoughts on the PS5 controller via Twitter, stating that he likes the design, but also noting some of its potential downsides. In a thread, Penello...

  • Reminder Eight Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass Today

    Across console and PC

    It's the bit we never like talking about — a massive eight games are leaving Xbox Game Pass across console and PC later today. We're not exactly when they'll disappear (they're still live at the time of writing), but it won't be long until they're removed from the service altogether. But here's the good part! If you want to...

  • News New Report Suggests GTA 6 Is Still Early In Development

    Rockstar's next game?

    Kotaku posted a report on the cultural changes made at Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games earlier today, noting that the company has been working hard to reduce crunch. In that same report, it's noted that Rockstar's next game will be a new entry in the GTA series. It mentions that one of the plans Rockstar has to...

  • News Phantasy Star Online 2 Is Now Live In North America, Coming To PC In May

    It's out of beta

    SEGA has announced that popular MMORPG Phantasy Star Online 2 is now officially available as a free-to-play title for Xbox One owners in North America. In addition to coming out of beta, the game has also been announced for PC in late May, exclusively in the Microsoft Store. To celebrate the game's official launch, you can get your...

  • News F1 2020 Coming To Xbox One This July, Introduces New 'My Team' Mode

    Vroom Vroom

    Codemasters has announced that F1 2020, the next entry in the long-running Formula One series, is coming to Xbox One on July 10, 2020. It's being described by the developer as "our biggest F1 game yet," featuring a major new 'My Team' mode and the return of two-player split-screen. In regards to the My Team mode, Codemasters says it...

  • News The Next Season Of Fortnite Has Been Delayed Until June

    No reason given

    The third season in Fortnite's second chapter was scheduled to release later this month on April 30th, but has now been pushed back to June 4th. Announced via the Epic Games blog, the company refrained from explaining the reasons behind the move, but promised more content is on the way. In the statement, it was hinted that new...

  • News Echo The Evolutionary Robot Hero Is Now Playable In Overwatch

    Pharah finally has some proper competition

    Although a sequel for Overwatch has already been confirmed, the first game should remain relevant for some time – with all of its player verse player (PvP) multiplayer content reportedly compatible with the upcoming release. With this in mind, Blizzard has just released its new but long-teased hero,...

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  • News Xbox Might Be Teasing More Xbox Game Pass Games For This Week

    Bring 'em on!

    This Wednesday marks the removal of various games from the Xbox Game Pass lineup across console and PC, but according to a teaser posted by the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter account, new titles might be coming to the service throughout the week as well. Yesterday, the account posted the following image on social media, potentially...

  • Talking Point What Was Your First Xbox Console And Game?

    How far back do you go?

    It was noted during our recent Xbox dashboard poll here at Pure Xbox that a reasonable chunk of our community didn't experience the early days of the brand. We've heard quite a few stories about people who have bought their first Xboxes in the past few years, which is great to see. Regardless of whether you're a day one...

    • Xbox
  • Reminder Today Is The Final Day Of The Xbox Spring Sale 2020

    Grab these bargains before they're gone

    If you haven't bought anything in the Xbox Spring Sale 2020 yet, today is your final chance to do so! All current deals (including the newly-added offers as part of Deals with Gold and the Spotlight Sale) expire tomorrow morning at 11AM BST / 3AM PT / 6 AM ET, so you'll need to get in quick. As for what's...

  • News Cliff Bleszinski Says He Hasn't Been Approached To Consult On The Gears Franchise

    "It is what it is"

    Back in February, former Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski indicated that he'd like to consult on the Gears franchise, informing Microsoft that his "offer still stands" via a Twitter post, and highlighting that a bunch of his and former Gears designer Lee Perry's ideas had previously been left sitting on the cutting room...

  • News Insider Claims Resident Evil: Code Veronica Remake Could Still Happen

    If there's enough support

    Following a report yesterday that a remake of Resident Evil 4 was in development, various members of the community here at Pure Xbox suggested Resident Evil: Code Veronica should get the treatment instead. And according to a prominent leaker, that still could happen with enough fan support. Dusk Golem, who has previously...

  • Video Check Out The Launch Trailer For Gears Tactics

    Coming April 28th

    Gears Tactics is coming to Steam, Xbox Game Pass for PC and Windows 10 on April 28th, and Microsoft has now unveiled its epic two-minute launch trailer, which you can see above. You can now also pre-install the game ahead of release, ensuring you're all ready to go later this month. The video gives us a brief look at both the...

  • UK Charts Resident Evil Slips To Seventh, Final Fantasy Dominates

    Forza remains in the top ten

    The much-anticipated Final Fantasy 7: Remake takes centre stage in the UK charts roundup this week, finally knocking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare off the top spot. Allegedly, the PS4 game did double the launch sales that Resident Evil 3 did last week on the platform, which has now dropped to seventh overall. Elsewhere,...

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  • News Is DOOM Eternal Coming To Xbox Game Pass? Logo Spotted On Microsoft Store

    No sign for us though

    There's a chance that the newly-released DOOM Eternal could be coming to Xbox Game Pass at some point in the near future. A user over on the Xbox One Reddit page posted a snapshot of the Microsoft Store showing an Xbox Game Pass symbol next to the critically-acclaimed title. We're not sure where this user is from, so this...

  • News Not Everyone Is A Fan Of Smart Delivery On Xbox Series X, Claims Xbox Boss

    "We're a little disruptive to some of the traditional business models"

    Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently talked about Smart Delivery during a recent interview with IGN, which will allow Xbox Series X owners to upgrade from the Xbox One version of participating games for free on Xbox Series X, such as Cyberpunk 2077. Speaking candidly, Spencer...

  • News Four Games Are Leaving Xbox Game Pass For PC Soon

    No more Prey

    Some eagle-eyed Xbox Game Pass fans spotted last week that various console games were set to be removed from the subscription service in the near future, and now we at Pure Xbox have discovered four more PC titles that are seemingly leaving in the next few weeks. According to the Xbox Game Pass app on mobile, the following games will...

  • News Inside Xbox Returns Tomorrow, Here's What To Expect

    Will last 40 minutes

    The first Inside Xbox episode of 2020 takes place tomorrow, beginning at 10pm GMT. As part of the 40-minute show, Microsoft has revealed we'll be getting new information on games such as Grounded, Gears Tactics and Sea of Thieves, as well as "surprises" from the [email protected] team. Additionally, we're going to hear more on Xbox Game...

  • News It's Official, Saints Row: The Third Remastered Is Coming To Xbox One

    See the trailer here

    Following the story recently that Saints Row: The Third Remastered had been rated by the ERSB, the game has now been officially announced via the Saints Row Twitter account. And guess what? We'll be able to get our hands on it in just over a month on May 22nd. You can see the trailer for the game above (and below), which shows...

  • News Capcom Is Asking If You Want Another Resident Evil Remake

    What do you think?

    The remake of Resident Evil 3 has only been out for a hot minute, and Capcom is seemingly preparing another Resident Evil remake already! According to the folks over at Resetera, a survey for Capcom Asia Marketed Regions has asked fans if they'd purchase another remake in the series. The potential answers are allegedly as...

  • Guide When Will The Xbox Series X Price Be Announced?

    Here's when you can expect to pre-order

    The Xbox Series X is very much on the horizon, with the device having been unveiled thoroughly in recent weeks, and still currently targeting a Holiday 2020 release date. However, as of yet, no official price has been quoted for the system. We'll be updating this mini-guide when more information is revealed...

  • News DOOM 64 Is The First Game To Run Above Native 1080p On Xbox One S

    Most impressive

    Classic Nintendo 64 game DOOM 64 was recently released on Xbox One to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary, and in an analysis by Eurogamer's Digital Foundry, it was mentioned that the game runs at a native 1440p on Xbox One S, making it the first game to achieve the feat. According to Digital Foundry, the company behind the...

  • Random Halo Fan Engraves Master Chief Into Their Xbox One

    Just ignore the hole

    An avid Halo fan recently posted a video of their engraved Xbox One on Reddit (the original version, no less), showing the Halo logo and Master Chief recreated in fantastic detail. There's just one, fairly tiny issue — they put a hole in their Xbox One while doing it. The Redditer (theguy2288) explained that "the machine sent...

  • News Actor Shawn Ashmore Shares Memories Of Working On Quantum Break

    Celebrating its fourth anniversary

    Yesterday was the fourth anniversary of the release of Quantum Break for Xbox One - the sci-fi third-person shooter from Alan Wake and Control developer Remedy Entertainment. The company, including creative director Sam Lake, celebrated the anniversary on Twitter, as did the game's star Shawn Ashmore, who shared...

  • News All Xbox Live Gold Members Can Play Gears 5 For Free This Week

    Try out the Batista Bomb

    It's been a pretty busy week for Gears 5, with the game's sizeable Operation 3: Gridiron update being released last Tuesday. And now, regardless of whether you own the game (or you're an Xbox Game Pass member), all Xbox Live Gold subscribers can play it for free until April 12th. Additionally, as we shared recently here at...

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