Xbox Series X Could Perform Better In US Than Some Think, Says Analyst

We've heard from another analyst on the debate between Xbox Series X and PS5, this time in the form of independent videogame industry analyst Benji-Sales on Twitter. In a tweet yesterday, he suggested people are underestimating the sales potential for Xbox Series X in the US.

He went on to mention that despite the rocky launch of the Xbox One, the console has had a "respectable" run in the US. He also indicated that lots of people forget how strong of a brand Xbox is in the country, particularly due to the popularity of the Xbox 360 a decade ago.

Finally, he noted that despite predicting PS5 will have a sales advantage, "that doesn't mean [the] next-gen Xbox can't be highly successful in it's own right". He also says he "can't think of a single first party game in the history of the Xbox brand as important as Halo Infinite."

Do you agree with Benji-Sales' comments? Let us know your thoughts below.

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