Xbox Game Pass Quests

Update: (Thu 5th Mar, 2020 10:21 GMT): Microsoft have now increased the amount of points available for some of these quests. Individual game Quests are offering anything from 50 to 75 points, while both the Quest Dedication and Quest Completionist tasks have gone back to 100 and 1000 points respectively.

The addition of a revamped Xbox Game Pass Quests system proved popular with Game Pass members last month, allowing subscribers to earn redeemable points for completing various service related tasks. Ultimately, it seems as though the service was a little too popular, as Microsoft has heavily nerfed the amount of points players can earn via Xbox Game Pass Quests for the month of March.

We've only been treated to the daily, monthly and first week of Quests so far, but already there have been massive reductions across the board. For example, tasks for specific games that would award around 100 points last month are now down to 20, while even the daily rewards are down from 15 points each to 5. The most challenging of them all - the "Quest Completionist" - has been reduced from 1000 points to just 100.

You'll find a full breakdown of this month's quests (including how to complete them) in our Xbox Game Pass Quests guide for March, but below, we've included some of the most jarring changes:

Quest Type Quest Points Last Month's Points
Daily Play a Game Pass game 5 15
Daily Log into the Game Pass app 5 15
Weekly Earn an Achievement in Game Pass 10 50
Monthly Complete 12 daily and 12 weekly Quests 50 100
Monthly Complete 45 daily and 15 weekly Quests 100 1000

If you weren't aware, Xbox Game Quests works in tandem with Microsoft Rewards to provide redeemable points for the likes of gift cards, charity donations and more. There are still thousands of points to be earned every month, even despite the heavy reductions mentioned here - you can find all the details over at our Xbox Game Pass Quests FAQ.

How do you feel about the reductions? Will you still be going for the Quest Completionist goal this month? Let us know how you're getting on with Game Pass Quests in the comments below.