The Xbox One X Went On Sale For An Absurd Price Last Night Pure Xbox© Microsoft

If you happened to be browsing the US Microsoft Store last night, you might have stumbled upon a bargain of an Xbox One X deal. The system was seen to be selling for the low, low price of just $199, but quickly went out of stock and reverted back to its usual selling point of $399.

This all happened around 7pm PDT / 10pm EDT, but it didn't last long. Some Redditers over at the Xbox One page noted that it had already gone out of stock by the time they tried to purchase one, and others questioned whether it was just a price mistake. However, one user confirmed they had indeed been able to take advantage, and had received a shipping confirmation for later this week.

For the most part though, it seems very few were able to reap the rewards of this deal. Was anyone here at Pure Xbox able to get one? Share your bargain hunting spoils with us in the comments below.