Xbox Harry Potter Avalanche Studios Rumour

You might remember that back in 2018, a leaked video appeared on Reddit showcasing an unannounced, AAA-style Harry Potter game. Well, according to new rumours, that game could be announced in the near future. There's no confirmation just yet, but a big new hint in the form of a job listing.

The listing is for an Associate Lighting Technical Artist at Avalanche Software, who have been suggested to be working on the game for some time now. The listing doesn't make any mention of Harry Potter, but it's confirmed that the successful applicant will be working on a "soon to be announced" game.

"Avalanche Software, a WB Games studio, seeks a Lighting Technical Artist to work closely with a talented group of artists and engineers on an exciting, soon to be announced AAA title."

We don't yet know whether this is definitely Harry Potter, but it seems likely. No indication of which platforms it'll be coming to either. But given how long it's been since we were last treated to a major Harry Potter release on Xbox, we're hopeful this is the game all Xbox Potterheads have been waiting for.

Are you excited about the potential of a new Harry Potter game on Xbox? Cast your spells in the comments below.

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