Call of Duty: Warzone Has Already Been Played By Over 30 Million People
Image: Microsoft, Activision

Have you played Call of Duty: Warzone yet? There's a good chance you have, as the free-to-play game has already racked up an incredible 30 million players in just ten days. The news was announced by the Call of Duty Twitter account yesterday, which thanked its "amazing community".

Call of Duty: Warzone currently appears to be tracking around the same numbers Apex Legends did at launch (thanks Eurogamer), which we expect Activision is very pleased with. You can download it for yourself on Xbox One either via Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or a standalone 96.83 GB download on the Xbox Store.

How are you getting on with Call of Duty: Warzone? Let us know your impressions in the comments.

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