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Microsoft has detailed the improvements that are coming in the next Xbox One System Update in March, and there's a much-requested feature included in the set.

The ability to take screenshots (Hallelujah!) during gameplay is making its debut in this update. To take a screenshot, you simply double tap the Xbox button on your controller, and then press "Y" to save a screenshot. You can also say "Xbox Take a Screenshot" if you've got your Kinect sensor in place.

A whole new batch of other features will also make the cut. Check out the full list, below.

To take a screenshot, press the Xbox button twice, then press "Y". Or, say "Xbox Take a Screenshot."

Upload App Changes
The Upload app will be modified to allow you to manage your screenshots.

Screenshots as Backgrounds
To use a screenshot as a background, you open it in Upload, press the Menu button, and select "Set as background."

Suggested Friends
A new feature will be added to Friends, which will show people that you may know, allowing you to add them more easily. As well as people who you may know, top community broadcasters and clip creators will be listed here.

Name Sharing
Two new ways to share your real name will be in place, so you can share it with everyone on Xbox Live, with all of your friends or, as you can now, with just selected people.

Tile Transparency
Tiles on the Xbox dashboard can now have their transparency altered, but going to Settings > My Xbox > Tile Transparency.

Privacy and Online Safety
A new setting allows you to turn off the sharing of voice search data when you use Bing to search.

Spam Reporting
If you get a spam message, you can now select it, press the A button, then choose Report > Spam to report it to the Xbox Live team.

OneGuide for Australia
G'day, mates! Free-to-air TV listings will continue to be tested for Australians. This may not be included in the final update, but is currently available to preview users.

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner for Australia
Xbox One owners in Australia who have an Xbox Digital TV Tuner are now supported.

The update is due in March, and is currently rolling out to preview users as we speak. The Major takes you through the main features, below.