Aipd 02 1080 P

Indie developer Blazing Badger has released some details about their upcoming twin stick shooter AIPD, which will launch on Xbox One and other platforms later in the year.

The game will feature distinctly 80s-style neon art, and has an ace up its sleeve in the form of customisable game modes. The developer states that players will be able to tweak and change game features until their heart's content, resulting in a possible 100,000 different combinations of rules and modes.

AIPD's ships will feature customisable equipment too, and local co-op will be available alongside online leaderboards. Limited time challenges, set by the developers, will be available each week too.

AIPD is set for release on Xbox One in May 2015, and will be shown off at next week's GDC in San Francisco. If you're not lucky enough to be attending, you can check out a trailer, below.