Putting the hurt on alien robots.

Clapfoot Games – an indie outfit that has, up until now, developed only for mobile devices – has announced from PAX Prime that their upcoming base defense game, Fortified, will be headed to Xbox One in 2015.

Fortified looks to borrow bits and pieces from the tower defense genre and third-person action shooters to offer its own brand of strategic robot destroying fun. It’s all about fighting swarms of enemies that attempt to overrun your base. With one of four character classes, players will have a lineup of Cold War era weapons and alien technology to thwart off the robotic attackers. Not only that, but a network of defensive structures can be built for extra security and army units can also be commanded. Oh, and all of this can be done either solo or with the company of three other players in co-op mode.

The debut trailer, which you can watch below, gave us flashbacks to our time with Earth Defense Force, Toy Soldiers, and even Destroy All Humans. It's an art style that's smooth and cartoon-y, with a theme inspired by 1950’s sci-fi films. If you want a closer — more digestible — look, we've also embedded a horde of screenshots for your viewing pleasure.

Clapfoot Games is from Toronto, Ontario, which is a city seeing an absolute boom in indie developers in recent years. From Capybara Games (responsible for Super Time Force) to DrinkBox Studios (the chefs behind Guacamelee), we’re starting to ponder if there’s something in that Canadian water that’s mutating the residents into super-talented game designers with no shortage of novel ideas. For example, have you seen Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime in action? Have you?! (the developer, Asteroid Base, also resides in Toronto) So long story short, Fortified might be a game you’ll want to keep an eye on. We know we’ll be doing so.