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Action, Adventure, Shooter, Simulation, Strategy
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  • 3rd Feb 2016 (USA)
  • 3rd Feb 2016 (UK/EU)
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    Mars Attacks!

    Console platforms have always suffered from a lacklustre showing in both strategy and tower defence-style games, with these genres usually sticking to PCs where the inputs allow a little more flexibility than that offered by a gamepad. When implemented well, these types of titles can be a real pleasure on consoles however, and this...

About The Game

Fortified is an explosive strategy shooter where players will defend the Earth against a menacing Martian invasion in the 1950s. Play as one-of-four pulp inspired heroes as they fight swarms of terrifying robots with an arsenal of Cold War era weapons and experimental technology. Protect the city by building a network of defensive structures, commanding an army, and jumping into battle against dangerous sky scraping attackers. Fight for Earth alone or with up to four players for the ultimate co-op defence experience.

Genre-Bending Gameplay – Fortified combines third-person shooter, real-time strategy, and tower defence mechanics in an exciting new way!

Retro Sci-Fi Flare – Go back in time and experience an alternate history, where planet Earth is assaulted by an unstoppable Martian menace. Be immersed in a world that's straight out of a 1950's comic book.

Construct the Ultimate Defence – Players will fortify their base by strategically building a network of defensive structures to thwart the oncoming waves of mechanical invaders.

Pulp Inspired Character Classes – Fortified features four classes based on prominent pulp character archetypes, including a jetpack piloting heroine, a shotgun wielding space cowboy, a secret government agent, and a battle hardened Marine captain.

Four-Player Co-Op – It can be difficult to face the Martian machines alone. Fortified offers diverse co-op gameplay that requires team coordination and strategy. There's power in numbers, but victory only comes to those who work together.