Updates afoot.

The Xbox One August Update is currently rolling out to preview participants, WPCentral has reported on some of the content. It contains a pretty sweet new feature regarding content downloads, as well as a couple of other bits.

It seems that if you have your console set up in "Instant On" mode, when you purchase an app or game via Xbox.com or SmartGlass, the console will wake up and download it for you, without you having to do a thing. Also, this means that you will be able to preorder titles. You preorder and pay, and when the product is released, it'll download to your console, ready for you to play.

Also new are a low battery notification which will appear on-screen when the controller is low on gas, and the controller will now vibrate a little when you hold down the Xbox button, in order to provide a bit of extra feedback.

You'll also be able to disable notifications whilst playing a video, and the Blu-ray app will be updated to support 3D Blu-ray movies. Brazil, Mexico, Austria, and Ireland will be getting OneGuide Live TV listings, as well.

The activity feed will get an overhaul too. A single column list will be on the cards, with the ability to post text and to "like" and comment on feed items. Private and public clip sharing will be available, and notifications will appear when people like, comment, or share your items. Also, your friends list will show how long it's been since a friend was online.

Going into an EXTENDED preview is a new "Friends" scrolling list for the homescreen. This will apparently not make it into the August update proper, but is being rolled out to preview accounts with the goal of adding it to a final update either in September or October. The new panel will allow you to see more details about your friends and what they're playing, as well as "trending" games, and interestingly, a Gamerscore leaderboard.

Major Nelson takes you through the changes, in the video below.

[source wpcentral.com]