Those beady-eyed folks over at VG247 have spotted something rather special.

It appears that Criterion's 2012 reboot of the game is more than likely coming to your Xbox 360 complete with Kinect support in October (or November if you're in Europe.)

The official packshots for the game released at E3 don't contain the "Better with Kinect" stripe, but at the end of EA's latest gameplay trailer, you can clearly see the stripe in place. Also, an official preorder promotional advert has been released which contains the stripe.

Nothing has been confirmed as yet of course, but with EA getting behind Kinect with the likes of FIFA 13 and Madden NFL 13, we're pretty sure that this is a done deal.

We'll bring you the official confirmation when we have it. Need For Speed: Most Wanted is released on October 30th in the US, and on November 2nd in the UK an Europe.