Location test details!

Next year Kinect will throw off its living room shackles and join the arcade scene, as Konami has announced it's working on an arcade version of Dance Evolution (or DanceMasters) for release in 2012.

The game is currently on test at certain locations in Japan, with the sensor tucked away inside the arcade cabinet.

Recently it was revealed the 114,000 Japanese have bought Kinect, with Dance Evolution the second-best selling game with 24,000 sales across Japan. Initial reports of the arcade game suggest the two versions are very similar, which bodes well for the game's success in its new environment.

This isn't the first time Kinect has been included in an arcade cabinet: last year we saw Let's Kinect, a $4,300 cabinet that let you play any 360 game you want — as long as you shelled out for the licence, that is.

Thanks to Sacra for the tip!

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