Xbox Series X 500GB SSD Expansion Card

When is a cheaper 512GB Xbox Series X and Series S Expansion Card getting a release? Currently, the 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion SSD Card card packs a hefty sum. However, a cheaper and smaller model is on the way.

We have confirmation of a 512GB Seagate Storage Card coming to Xbox Series X|S, so let's dig into what we know so far.

What Is An Xbox Series X|S Storage Expansion Card?

The storage expansion card is an accessory that simply clicks into the back of your Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S console. It's straightforward to use and is as easy as it sounds.

As owners of one since the Xbox Series X|S launch, we can't express enough just how easy it is to use, seamlessly blending your entire storage between the internal and external hard drive. Of course, it's costly though.

When Is The Xbox Series X|S 512GB Storage Expansion Card Expected To Arrive?

Seagate is preparing to launch a 512GB version of their Xbox Series X|S storage expansion card in mid-November. Pre-orders are open now at Walmart in the US. We expect more territories to announce their pricing in due course.

How Much Will The Xbox Series X|S 512GB Storage Expansion Card Cost?

As per the Walmart listing, the 512GB Seagate Expansion Card retails at $139.99. For now, this is the only retailer and location that has the card listed, but we expect to see more territories confirmed very soon.

Are There Any Xbox Series X|S SSD Storage Alternatives?

The most obvious alternative is the 1TB Seagate Storage Expansion SSD Card, which is widely available now. It retails at £219.99 / $219.99 but is commonly found dropping to known prices such as £179.99 / $179.99. If this SSD isn’t big enough for you, then there's the Xbox Series X|S 2TB Seagate SSD Expansion Card.

If this is still too expensive for you, there are some other alternatives - but they can't run next-gen games.

Here are a few known external SSD alternatives for running Xbox One games (and storing Series X|S games).

Are you looking to expand your Xbox Series X|S storage? Let us know in the comments below.

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