Where And How To Pre-Order The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge
Image: Microsoft

Can you still get the Xbox Mini Fridge? And where can you buy one? If you find yourself asking those questions, you've come to the perfect place.

We finally have all the details we need to know for the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge, and all that's left is to buy the contraption itself. Unlike the console it's inspired by, the Mini Fridge is a bit more limited in regards to where you can pick one up, but don't worry, we've curated a guide with everything you need to know and all the links you need to order one.

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Where To Buy The Xbox Mini Fridge?

Xbox has partnered with select retailers to bring the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge into peoples' homes. Despite it being available for some time now, you'll sometimes see retailers listing the Fridge as a 'pre-order' – don't worry, this just means that you'll be ordering one from an upcoming batch.

Here's where you can pick one up for yourself at the time of writing, separated by region (if you find that stock isn't available when you visit a particular store, keep checking back!):

Buy Xbox Mini Fridge - UK

There are a few retailers selling the Xbox Mini Fridge in the UK, although some big names like Amazon aren't included. Here's where you can grab one:

Buy Xbox Mini Fridge - US

In the US, the Xbox Mini Fridge is exclusive to Target, which can sometimes mean that stock is a little harder to come by. Here's the link you need:

France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland

For the countries listed above, your best bet is to check the following stores. We have some links for you below:

  • GameStop EU
  • Micromania
  • Toynk

What Price Is The Xbox Mini Fridge?

Depending on where you're based in the world, the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge is currently sitting at a few various prices. Here's how much it'll set you back:

  • UK - £89.99
  • US - $99.99
  • Canada - $99.99
  • France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, and Poland - €99.00

What Was The Release Date For The Xbox Mini Fridge?

The Xbox Mini Fridge launched in December 2021, with pre-orders opening just a couple of months before in October.

Xbox Mini Fridge Dimensions - How Big Is It?

Well, it turns out you can fit an actual Xbox Series X console inside the Mini Fridge, so it'll be bigger than your console when it shows up. Xbox exec Aaron Greenberg confirmed this information on TikTok, and also revealed on Twitter that the fridge is 18" tall. Here are the full dimensions:

  • Exterior: 18in x 9in x 9in / Interior: 13.2in x 6.8in x 6.8in

As you can see in the video above, users can charge their controller or other devices via a USB slot from the front of the fridge, along with being able to light up the Xbox symbol on the front door. Pretty neat!

And that's everything you need to know about buying the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge. If you've managed to secure an order, be sure to let us know in the comments down below. Best of luck!