Twelve Minutes: How To Find Out The Name Of The Nanny

So, you're getting close to the end in Twelve Minutes with Xbox Game Pass and you've convinced the cop your wife is innocent. He's mentioned the nanny's name is "something flowery", but how do you find out what it is?

What Is The Nanny's Name In Twelve Minutes?


We assume you're now at the point where the 'cop' knows your wife is innocent, has talked with her about the "monster", and has said the name of the nanny is "something flowery", and he'll go away and try and find out what it is. The only issue you have is that you haven't got the time for that, so you need to find it out another way!

If you remember, the name on the baby clothes your wife gifted to you is Dahlia. That's your "something flowery". Repeat the process again, wait until the cop talks about "something flowery", and then show him the baby clothes.

We don't want to spoil anything else for you in this article, as you're getting really close to the end here. Best of luck!

We hope you find this Twelve Minutes guide useful while playing on Xbox Game Pass for console or PC!