The Witcher 3: Where To Find The Netflix Quest
Image: CD Projekt Red

The Witcher 3's "next-gen" update is officially now available for Xbox Series X|S and multiple other platforms! As part of this, there's a brand-new feature that allows players to access a new Netflix quest (including on Xbox One) featuring unlocks "inspired by the Netflix series". It's officially titled 'In the Eternal Fire's Shadow'.

The Witcher 3: Where To Find The Netflix Quest

  • Fast travel to the Hanged Man's Tree located in Velen
  • Follow the path around to the left to The Devil's Pit (not far from the Hanged Man's Tree, the circular sort of location nearby on the map)
  • Talk to the priest (in red robes near a caravan), receive the quest
  • Enter the gates and begin the quest!

If you don't have an appropriate save already, you could instead load up a fresh Hearts of Stone save file (assuming you've got access to the expansions or Game of the Year version of The Witcher 3) and you'll be good to go with a certain level of weapon and armour, along with plenty of skill points to spend.

The Witcher 3: Where To Find The Netflix Quest 2
Image: CD Projekt Red

And that's how you start the quest!

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