The Crew Motorfest Frame Rate Options On Xbox Series X And S

The Crew Motorfest launches this week on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One - including via a Ubisoft Plus subscription if you'd like to access the game that way.

Each console has a slightly different performance profile, so here's how things are shaping up with The Crew Motorfest on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The Crew Motorfest Frame Rate Xbox Series X And Series S

The two current-gen Xbox consoles have different setups.

Over on Xbox Series X, you can choose between a 'Performance' mode with 60FPS support and a lower resolution, or a 'Quality' mode with 30FPS and a higher resolution.

On Xbox Series S, there is no such option - you can only play with one 30FPS mode. However, higher frame rate options were available during the beta on Series S, so a patch could change this for the full release in future.

The Crew Motorfest Frame Rate Xbox One

The Crew Motorfest aims for 30FPS on Xbox One, regardless of which edition of the console you're using. You can expect higher resolution figures on Xbox One X systems, but the frame rate remains at 30FPS.

And there you have it! At launch, it's Xbox Series X only that contains a 60FPS mode, while users on any other Xbox system will have to stick to 30FPS.

Which Xbox console are you playing The Crew Motorfest on? Let us know!