Starfield: Where To Find And Equip Weapon & Spacesuit Skins

If you've been digging into Starfield you may have noticed that, as you upgrade and mod your spacesuits and guns at workbenches, there's an option available to apply a skin. But where do you actually find these skins? Let's take a look.

Starfield: How To Unlock Skins

So far, the only way that we know for sure you can nab skins for Starfield is by picking them up via Premium Editions, pre-orders, DLC and bonus content. Yep, as far as we've seen in-game, there is no current way to find or buy these items through missions or via vendors - although we have a feeling this will change further down the line.

So, you'll need to nab a pre-order, Premium Edition or bonus content for the game and then you'll have access to the few skins we're currently aware of such as the Constellation and Old Mars Skin packs. Something to keep in mind is that all Game Pass members also get access to Starfield's pre-order content.

How To Apply Skins

So, now you want to apply a skin to your weapon. All you need to do is find a weapon's workbench - or a spacesuit workbench if you're customising your suit - then scroll down the menu to find the option to apply a skin.

With the Old Mars Skins, because the weapon skin is for cutters only, set your cutter down on the workbench, open the menu and apply it. Note that skins are cosmetic only and can be re-applied to the same gun type over and over, so there's no need to worry if you sell or lose your pimped out pew-pew.

Where To Find Workbenches

You'll find various types of workbench in large hubs and cities all over Starfield. The first one you'll likely discover is at The Lodge, which is an area you'll visit very early on in the campaign.