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Looking for a Ramon Salazar Boss Battle Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake? As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide we'll be walking you through the Ramon Salazar Boss Battle with step by step instructions and screenshots to help you.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ramon Salazar Boss Battle Guide

It's finally time to come face to face with this mouthy little pipsqueak and, in traditional Plagas fashion, he's not interested in fighting fair.

After opening the encounter with a quick bullet to Salazar's brain, Leon finds himself confronted with a flying monstrosity with a contorted Salazar riding around in its mouth. Anyone else feeling hungry?

This boss battle takes place in a small arena with an upper and lower level. Make sure to make use of the crates lying around to pick up items and healing aids where possible and keep moving around as Salazar has three main attacks that will cause you big damage if you stay still for too long.

We need to watch out for blobs of black tar that Salazar throws down onto the floor, these explode when you get too close so you can shoot them from range to get them out of your way. Salazar will also spray a black stream of filth from his mouth and you can see this coming as he winds up to unleash it. Make sure to get quickly out of the way and utilise cover to avoid this.

The final attack you need to watch for is an insta-kill that occurs if you get to close to your foe, he'll very quickly snatch you up in his jaws and bite you in half, which is no good at all really.

In order to take Salazar out you want to hammer the plagas around the mouth area and focus all your fire on it when it's open and exposing Ramon briefly. Flash grenades are good for a stun here and the shotgun, especially if you've got it well upgraded, makes short work of this fight.

When you've hit Salazar enough times as he flies around the arena, he'll let out a cry and plummet to the ground. Make sure to be ready for this and rush him to get a melee attack in that stabs his plagas eye a bunch of times. Once you've got him down on the ground and stabbed him a couple of times he'll give up the ghost.

Not an especially hard or long fight this one, just make sure to keep moving, make use of both levels of the arena for cover, don't get too close and hammer him with shots every time that mouth opens. Good luck!