Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser

Looking for a Jack Krauser Boss Battle Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake? As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide we'll be walking you through the Jack Krauser Boss Battle with step by step instructions and screenshots to help you.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Jack Krauser Boss Battle Guide

It's time to go to war against your old comrade, Jack Krauser, in a multipart battle that's real high point in terms of the boss fights in this remake.

Phase 1

This one kicks off with a cutscene which is followed by Krauser taking up a firing position on a wall across from you. Crouch behind cover and wait for an opening then pump him full of bullets. He'll quickly decide to move on and draw you further into his death maze. At this point jump up to the lever we've pictured below and use it to open up the large barrier to proceed.

Phase 2

Now we're into the battle proper and you need to negotiate corridors that are laden with bear traps, laser traps and mounted gun turrets. Make your way very carefully around this segment watching for all of these tricks and traps whilst also prepping yourself for Krauser to take position on walls to shoot at you.

Once you've passed through this maze you'll come to an open area with cover scattered around ahead of you. Krauser will take up a position on the far end of this space and you now need to rush between covers, timing your movements with him reloading his weapon.

Once you get close to the door where he can't shoot he'll chuck a bunch of explosives down at you, so be aware and either run past or jump back to avoid damage.

Once you've closed in on him, the fight will revert to a close-quarters affair, just like the first time you faced him briefly earlier in the game. Make sure to watch for prompts to hit "B" to avoid his footsweeps and make good use of your knife parry to deflect his shots and then get your own hits in. After a brief time Krauser decides he's had enough of this and transforms into his final form.

Phase 3

The final phase of this epic confrontation starts with a short bit of traversing dark corridors with your flashlight, watch out here as he'll make a few quick attacks at you so be ready for him.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser
Image: Pure Xbox

You'll now emerge into the light again for a final sequence that sees you take on Krauser's Plagas form on a small wooden arena with two levels. The main thing to watch out for here is when he jumps up to the cliffside overlooking you and then divebombs the area, make sure to make plenty of space when you see this coming and also watch for "B" prompts to avoid his other sweeping attacks.

In between avoiding him, get in close and do as much damage as you can with knife or gun attacks, make sure to keep the pressure on him when you can, deflecting his shots, getting melee attacks in and pumping him full of lead if you've got the ammo. Remember you've got two levels to work with here too, so make space for yourself to gather ammo from crates and heal up when needed.

Keep the pressure on here and before long Krauser will have had enough punishment, laying down for the final time and telling you to do what's got to be done to finish him off. You don't have to tell us twice, Krauser, you lousy dog.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Krauser
Image: Pure Xbox