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Looking for a Destroy The Wind-Up Dolls - All Clockwork Castellan Locations Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake? As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide we'll be walking you through the locations of each and every clockwork castellan with step by step instructions and screenshots to help you.

This guide will show you how to find All Clockwork Castellan Locations.

Some of these collectibles are pretty tough to find but, if you listen carefully as you play, you should be able to hear their distinctive creaking clockwork sound as you approach them, making it slightly easier to ascertain where they are at.

There are 16 clockwork castellans to pick up in total, one for each of the game's chapters, and you'll note that a little emblem will appear beside the chapter number in your results once you find one, to help you keep track of which ones you're missing from your collection. You'll also be rewarded with the Primal Knife for managing to shoot all 16 castellans, so it's definitely worth the effort.

Let's get on with finding the lot, shall we?

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Destroy The Wind-up Dolls - All Clockwork Castellan Locations

Chapter 1

As you approach the Lakeside Settlement, after the initial village assault, and past the farm, you'll come to the area we've pictured below where there are a few Ganados, bear traps and trip wires. Clear out the area and head around into the cabin directly in front of you. You can get into this cabin through a window at the rear. Once inside you'll hear the distinctive noise of a nearby Castellan, so take a look up to the rafters in the small room in the back to see this one hanging out at a hole in the roof.

Chapter 2

This little miniature Salazar is likely the first one you'll find, as it's right beside where you pick up the note introducing the wind-up doll collectibles. Turn around from the table with the note and look into the opposite corner of this small cabin for the easiest castellan in the game.

Chapter 3

At the waterside merchant just past the quarry where you fought El Gigante, head down the ladder and across to the right on the pier, where there's a dead end. There's a treasure crate at the end of the short walkway here and the castellan you're after is right up above it hiding in the shadows.

Chapter 4

Head to the Lakeside Settlement in the northern lake area with the Insignia Key to open the gated door here and head into some caves that take you through a door into a cabin. Head up the ladder in this small area and once up top you'll hear the distinctive creaking castellan noise. You'll find this hiding out beyond a fence, as we've pictured below.

Chapter 5

Now we want to backtrack a little here to head back to the Village Chief's Mansion nearby the opening village assault location, as shown on our map. Once here, go upstairs to the top bedroom, use the lever on the wall to expose a ladder into the ceiling and then have Ashley jump up to let the ladder down. Clamber up here and you'll find a bunch of items, including a castellan tucked away, as shown below.

Chapter 6

During the section where your objective is to Escape The Village, you'll head out of the village area and through a narrow corridor that takes you over some wooden catwalks. Towards the end of these, as pictured below, there's a large fire to your right. Take a closer look towards the base of this fire to see our next castellan hanging out and keeping warm. Shoot him! Die Salazar!

Chapter 7

In the storage area shown in our map and pics below, just north of the treasury, you'll find this one sat on a dusty old shelf.

Chapter 8

Up on the castle battlements this time and, once the boss battle kicks off up here, instead of dropping down to the left and running for cover from your huge crushing boulder attacks, drop down to the right and cross the short walkway to a ladder which takes you up to another turret area overlooking the boss. Watch out for a handful of enemies in this area, take them down carefully and keep heading around following the path to find this cheeky chap hiding in a corner.

Chapter 9

During the courtyard maze sequence, where you'll need to unfurl three flags to proceed, you'll find this little guy hiding out down a dead end beside some items. We've marked the exact location on our map below for you.

Chapter 10

Just as you enter the sewers area of chapter 10, you'll see a purple merchant light to your left, and directly opposite is a sewer vent on the wall. Take a look in here to see this very cheeky castellan just about popping his head out of the top to say hello. Decapitate the fool for his insolence.

Chapter 11

During the minecart sequence, you'll find this one at the halfway changeover point, just before you get on the second cart. As you can see in our pics, this one is lurking up on a beam above your head. Ping it and let's move on.

Chapter 12

Right at the start of chapter 12, you'll enter into the clocktower area and immediately you're faced with a great big stone statue of Ramon Salazar. There's a few enemies to deal with here, so take them out first then head around to the left of the statue from facing where you entered the room. There's a little nook here with some crates, and the castellan in question is sat atop one. You can see it in our pic below...well...you can see its legs, we blew the rest of it sky high.

Chapter 13

To the south-east of Surveillance, as shown on our map, as you make your way up the path here you'll see an area off to your right with some enemies, including a rocket-wielding Ganado. Head down here, clear out your foes and then head over to the vehicles on the right, as shown in our pics, to find this one.

Chapter 14

Head right out of the area near the Amber Storage, as shown in our map. Wind around the tight corridor and behind a tent to climb up a ladder to a cabin with a row of lockers inside. This castellan is sat atop the lockers awaiting your bullet. How romantic.

Chapter 15

During the sequence where you need to Make Your Way To The Summit, just past the Cliffside Ruins, you'll find this one in the small area with bodybags that we've marked on our map. Look up to see it sat on the rafters above you.

Chapter 16

In the underground passage during the final escape countdown, head through the doors we've pictured below and it's to your right beside a blue forklift truck. Quickly, Leon, the building is coming down!

And that's all the collectible clockwork castellans in the game. Phew! Good job.