Resident Evil 4 Remake: Bitores Mendez Boss Battle

Looking for a Bitores Mendez Boss Battle Guide for Resident Evil 4 Remake? As part of our Resident Evil 4 Remake Guide we'll be walking you through this boss fight with step by step instructions and screenshots.

It's finally time to face off with Mendez after multiple run-ins over the course of your adventure so far. So, let's take a look at how to take this guy down once and for all.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Bitores Mendez Boss Battle Guide

This fight kicks off with Leon rolling an exploding barrel into Mendez and shooting it. Big mistake, as he now transforms into his Plagas form and sets about attacking.

What we want to do in the early phase of this fight is absolutely hammer Mendez with gunfire as much as possible while moving around to avoid his attacks and hitting "B" when prompted to dodge. After a very short period of blasting him with bullets he'll lie down and lose the bottom half of his body. Hooray!

But wait. His upper half has now decided to swing around the barn on rafters. Boo!

Once he's using his body to swing around you need to watch out for a couple of different attacks. He'll lift up burning wooden planks and fire them at you. This is best avoided by keeping on the move, left to right and remembering to move in and out of the foreground to give yourself lots of space. These come in volleys of three.

Another attack we want to keep a special eye out for is when he grabs a couple of exploding barrels and lifts them up to chuck them in your direction. Make sure to shoot one of these before he unleashes them and the resulting explosion will cause him lots of damage.

The last thing we need to look out for is his charging attack where he'll swing forward and land on the ground right where you are at. When he does this, simply move to the side out of his way and pound him with shots.

Oh, and remember to rush in and stab him good when you're prompted as he's on the ground.

Keep an eye out for these attacks and make sure to keep unloading rounds into him and he'll soon meet his grisly end. Farewell, big guy. Oh, and we're gonna need your eyeball. Cheers, fella.