Resident Evil 4 Remake gallery

Charms are a brand new addition to Resident Evil 4 Remake that give you various boons, boosts and perks that augment certain aspects of gameplay. In order to earn Charms you'll need to take part in the Merchant's Shooting Gallery minigames.

Depending on your performance you'll earn bronze, silver and gold tokens which can then be inserted into the nearby charm dispenser in return for a random charm of varying rarity. Put all gold tokens in and you're gonna get a rarer charm and so on.

Once you've got your hands on some charms you can then attach them to your storage attaché case, three at a time, giving you plenty of options with regards to how you want to tweak perks to suit your playstyle.

Eventually you'll also be able to purchase gold tokens for the charm dispenser from the merchant in exchange for spinels, although we reckon keeping your jewels for weapons and upgrades is a smarter move here as a little practice on the shooting range should see you earning plenty of golds for free.

There a total of 30 charms available in the game, and we're slowly working our way through earning them all, so, let's go ahead and take a look at every available charm we've got our hands on so far!

Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Charms List

DLC Exclusive Charms

Green Herb: Increases health recovery for green herbs.

Handgun Ammo: Increases the chance for a craft bonus when crafting handgun ammo. Triggering a craft bonus will cause you to receive more ammo than normal.

Common Charms

Don Jose: +15% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency

Don Esteban: +15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency

Dr. Salvador: +20% rifle ammo craft bonus frequency

Zealot w/ Scythe: +20% submachine gun ammo craft bonus frequency

Leader Zealot: +10% health bonus recovery from green herb

Bella Sisters: +20% bonus Magnum ammo crafting frequency

Isabel: +30% health recovery from vipers

Don Pedro: +40% health recovery from vipers

Don Diego: +15% rifle ammo craft bonus frequency

Zealot w/ Bowgun: +20% bolts craft bonus frequency

Zealot w/ Shield: +20% shotgun ammo craft bonus frequency

Soldier w/ Dynamite: +30% craftable mines attach bonus frequency

Soldier w/ Hammer: +20% handgun ammo craft bonus frequency

Soldier w/Stun Rod: +15% bolts craft bonus frequency

Rare Charms

Maria: +15% bonus Magnum ammo crafting frequency

J.J: 40% off resources

Black Bass: +100% health recovery from black bass

Leon w/ Rocket Launcher: 20% off rocket launcher at merchant

Leon w/Shotgun: +40% ammo resale value

Striker: +8% running speed

Chicken: +100% health recovery for all egg types

Luis Sera: +20% ammo resale value

Ada Wong: +30% off body armour repairs

Leon w/Handgun: 30% off knife repairs

Epic Charms

Rhinoceros Beetle: +100% recovery item resale value

Illuminados Emblem: +20% melee critical hit rate

Ashley Graham: +50% health recovery for green herbs

Merchant: 5% off weapons upgrades

Legendary Charms

Cute Bear: -1 gunpowder when crafting