Xbox Series X S Memory Limit RAM

The Xbox storefront is a large and complex beast that provides access to a wealth of games, movies, apps and more for us all to dig into on our shiny Xbox consoles. As part of the larger Microsoft Store experience it's also part of pretty huge and complex infrastructure and can, as a result, be prone to all manner of errors, problems and issues from time to time.

One issue that seems to be popping up on Series X and S consoles more than it did on the Xbox One or 360, is the "Oops. Not Sure What Happened There" error. This can a particularly annoying error because there's no specific or well-defined reason for it to occur, therefore it can be a bit of a pain to resolve.

In order to help you out should you find yourself tussling with this error, we've come up with a few reasons as to why it may be happening to you, as well as some resolutions that can help you get back to playing your games.

How To Fix The 'Oops. Not Sure What Happened There' Xbox Store Error

'Oops. Not Sure What Happened There' Xbox Error - Why Am I Getting This Error?

There are three fairly common reasons why you may be finding yourself faced with this particular error and they are:

  • Xbox Network Issues
  • Issues With Your Own Internet Connection
  • Problems With Your Payment Method

How To Fix The 'Oops. Not Sure What Happened There' Xbox Error

With the above causes in mind, let's take a look at a few potential resolutions.

Check The Status of Xbox Live Services

It's always a good idea when you receive any error on your Xbox console to jump online, sign into your Xbox account and have a quick check for network issues and service outages. In order to do this simply head over to this page and sign in to get a quick update as to the current status of Xbox services, features and functionality.

Check Your Network Settings

It may seem like an obvious one, but it's always a good idea to have a check of your Xbox network settings to ensure everything is working as it should be. In order to do this hit the Xbox Guide Button then head to Settings > General > Network Settings. From here you can choose to test both your Network Connection and Multiplayer Connection to make sure everything is ok.

If your network is having issues your console should walk you through several options regarding how to go about fixing the issue at hand.

Restart Your Router

Another fairly obvious one this, but it's helped us a good few times with various errors in the past. Give your router a reboot by restarting it in accordance with your manufacturer's instruction manual.

Restart Your Xbox Console

Yes, that's right. The old switch it off then switch it on again trick. It may not be the most scientific of methods but it sure does work from time to time. If you're struggling to rid yourself of the error in question it may be a good idea to totally power down your console by holding down the Xbox Power Button For Ten Seconds. Once you've powered off your console, you can also go ahead and disconnect its power cable for a few minutes then hook it back up and reboot your Xbox.

Make Sure Verify Your Purchase

One final thing to keep an eye on here as this error does tend to pop up when making purchases is involved. If you're getting the error message after attempting to make a purchase, take a sec to jump into your library, or to the game in question's store listing, in order to make doubly sure the transaction hasn't gone through. You may think to try to make a payment again in the face of an error message, but it's a good idea to check first as you don't want to end up paying for something multiple times.

Contact Xbox Support

If all else fails, make sure to jump online and contact Xbox Support who should be able to help walk through through a few more avenues towards resolving this annoying error message.

Have you been having issues with the 'Oops. Not Sure What Happened There' error on your Xbox console? Let us know below.