Microsoft Rewards: How To Complete December 2022's 'Xbox Game Pass' Punch Card

It's Microsoft Rewards time! In addition to the new December 2022 Monthly Bonus Round punch card on Xbox, we've also got a second punch card this month in which you can acquire an extra 500 points for very little work.

The punch card is called "Xbox Game Pass games to Play Together" and requires you to obtain one achievement from a list of Xbox Game Pass games. Here are some really easy achievements you can complete for this:

  • SpiderHeck - Watch Your Step! (In the first lobby area, jump into the orange lava)
  • PowerWash Simulator - Powerful Pressure Purist (First career mission, completely clean the van using only the red nozzle)
  • Tunic - A Stick! (Play through the start of the game until you find your first weapon)

The Xbox Game Pass games to Play Together punch card is available throughout December 2022, so you've still got until the end of the year to complete it. We've verified that it's available in at least the US and UK.

If you're new to all of this, we've got a few guides about the program here at Pure Xbox, including how to make 20,000 points per-month with Microsoft Rewards - that's about $10-15 worth of Xbox credit!

Have you got any easy achievement suggestions for this punch card? Tell us down below!