lies of P King's Flame Fuoco
Image: Pure Xbox

Lies of P's third big boss is where things really start to get a bit tougher. King's Flame, Fuoco can be a real roadblock if you don't approach it properly, so let's take a look at how to deal with this fiery menace.

Lies of P: King's Flame, Fuoco Boss Guide

You'll encounter King's Flame right at the end of Venigni's factory and the key to this scrap is not to rush into it. We reckon that when you first reach this point, at least this was the case in our playthrough, you're perhaps a little under-levelled to take him on without suffering quite a bit.

So, we recommend doing a little bit of ranking up here if you want to even the odds a bit, run back through earlier areas and around the factory itself a few times to get yourself a bit of extra strength and make doubly sure you've upgraded your weapon - we recommend the fire axe - to the max you can.

In terms of equipment, besides the fire axe and your electric arm attachment, which you'll have unlocked by now, we suggest as many throwables, sawblades, flame bottles and so on as possible just to give you options from range should you need them.

lies of P King's Flame Fuoco 2

Once you feel you're ready, summon the available spectre from the arena entrance and head in with your mind set firmly on causing as much damage as you can very quickly. Your spectre friend won't last long in this fight so take all the time they are alive to pound Fuoco mercilessly while he is distracted.

As the fight commences he'll make a beeline for you with some big swings so dodge straight back and then he should shift his attention to the spectre. At this point you can get in right behind him and punish with both your weapon and your arm attacks, we recommend having your electricity-augmented arm in play here to really dish out as much pain as you can.

He'll also perform a charged glowing red dash attack in the early stages, this looks dangerous but it's easy to avoid and leaves his rear open to a few quick attacks.

Do this phase properly and you can get him to half health very quickly. If he turns on you simply dodge back and let the spectre beat on him until he loses interest in you and get into his back again. There are some big swinging attacks to watch for here but you should be able to see them coming a mile off and dodge well back to keep out of the way.

Now, the spectre is gonna die, and it usually dies around the point where you get Fuoco down to half health. At this point Fuoco is going to remain still for a bit, and when you see this happening get well back, hide behind one of the arena's red pipes, as he's going to spread a large pool of flame that will cause burning - use blue potions to put this out combined with rolling if it catches you.

Once the spectre is down and he's into this second phase, we want to play a game of baiting him. He's going to fire out flame grenades and patches flame that are easy to dodge, and we want to wait for both of his red charged attacks now, especially the dashing one. When you see this coming side-step it at the last moment and get in about him for three or for hits then get well out of the way.

The other charged attack, the smashing fist, is more dangerous, it's got a surprisingly large area of effect, but if you can avoid it you can get in for one or two hits before he's on the assault again. The second phase is all about baiting these attacks by keeping distance, and this is also the time to use your throwables to keep his health bar down and stop it rising up while you wait for him to come at you with charged attacks.

lies of P King's Flame Fuoco 3

With these tactics, exploding on him in the first phase and baiting/using throwables in the second, you should get him down with a few practices. Good job!