Multiplayer hide-and-seek romp Midnight Ghost Hunt has been getting some attention lately, mostly because the early access title has now joined the Epic Games Store as a June 2023 freebie. For now, the game is only available on PC platforms, but is it coming to Xbox?

Is Midnight Ghost Hunt Coming To Xbox Consoles?

As of writing, Midnight Ghost Hunt has not been announced for Xbox. However, the dev team seems open to a console version of the game at some point - likely after the game's early access period. Checking out the Midnight Ghost Hunt Discord FAQ, the team says it "hopes" to release on other platforms outside of PC.

"We’ll be launching on PC, but hope to also release on other platforms in the future."

So, while the dev team hasn't mentioned Xbox just yet, a console release seems to be firmly in their sights at some stage. The Epic version has only just launched over a year after the Steam version, so this one could be a slow rollout while the team continues to build on the game in early access. If we hear of confirmation for Midnight Ghost Hunt on Xbox, we'll bring you the news!

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