Is Age Of Empires 4 Coming To Xbox?
Image: Microsoft

One of the big questions surrounding Age of Empires 4 is this: Is it coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and/or Xbox Series S? The game is available today with Xbox Game Pass for PC, and the reception to it so far has been fantastic. With such a phenomenal new release, many are hoping it could eventually make the jump to Xbox consoles - similar to Gears Tactics. Is this a pipedream? Or is there some possibility it could happen?

Let's take a look.

Unfortunately, the answer may not be what you want to hear. While there's been some hope it could be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it seems, for now, there are no plans for a console release.

With this being said, there is still some hope for console players. Back in April, Adam Isgreen, the creative director on Age of Empires 4, spoke to XboxEra (47:53) about the possibility of a console release in the future.

While he didn't have anything to announce, he did mention the "hurdles" the team would have to overcome to port the game to various Xbox systems. However, he added that the team is hearing the community and the team is "thinking about it" and told fans to "stay tuned".

There may be nothing concrete to confirm at the moment, but fans shouldn't give up hope. There are dozens of petitions on the Age of Empires forums requesting a port to consoles and it's great to see the team at World's Edge are listening. Will it happen? We're not sure, but it doesn't sound entirely out of the question if the demand is there.

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