How To Use The Scanner In Atomic Heart On Xbox

The 'Scanner' in Atomic Heart is an invaluable tool for mapping out levels and finding loot, but on Xbox at least, it's a little finnicky to use right from the get-go. The mechanic is introduced during the game's intro, but the way it's explained to the player doesn't quite add up.

The good news is that once you know the proper inputs it becomes nice and easy to use. Here's how to activate your scanner in Atomic Heart on Xbox.

How To Use The Scanner In Atomic Heart On Xbox

Although Right Bumper (RB) is used for other mechanics in this game — like scooping up loot with your glove — it's also used for the game's scanning mechanic. Basically, you need to double tap RB for a quick scanner flash, or hold it down on the second RB press to keep the scanner going.

Most of the time you're going to want to keep scanning for a few seconds, so you may as well get used to that method. So - tap RB and then hold RB straight after and voila, your scanner will be activated!

How To Use The Scanner In Atomic Heart On Xbox 2
Image: The Scanner In Atomic Heart Is Used To Examine Your Environment

Atomic Heart Xbox Controller Remapping

Sadly, at launch you cannot remap your controls on the Xbox version of Atomic Heart, so you'll have to stick with this way of scanning for now. As mentioned in our review, the game has a few notable controller input issues right now, so we'd expect a patch to help with some of these problems in the near future.

We hope this helps with your Atomic Heart playthrough on Xbox!