How To Turn Off Crossplay In Modern Warfare 2 On Xbox

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is now available on Xbox, and the multiplayer is live! We've been enjoying our time online so far, but we quickly noticed a lack of crossplay options within the game itself. We've done a bit of digging and found that you can turn off crossplay for Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox, via your general console settings.

How To Turn Off Modern Warfare 2 Crossplay

At present, the only way to turn off crossplay for Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox is via your account settings.

Here's how to turn off Xbox crossplay:

  1. Go to your Xbox console settings
  2. Go to account > Privacy & online safety > Xbox privacy
  3. Hit 'View details & customize' then 'Communication & multiplayer'
  4. Scroll across to 'You can join cross-network play' and change from 'Allow' to 'Block'
  5. All sorted, matchmaking will now stick with just Xbox players!

Of course, this method will disable crossplay in all Xbox games on your account, so just be aware of that before changing any options. This can be altered at any time, however, so it's easy enough to go back and forth outside of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

Can You Play Modern Warfare 2 Without Crossplay?

As we've just detailed, you can turn off Modern Warfare 2 crossplay on Xbox. However, our initial testing has discovered that certain modes do not work with crossplay switched off.

At launch, Modern Warfare 2's big team modes — 'Ground War' & 'Invasion' — do not work when Xbox crossplay is blocked; matchmaking for these modes simply doesn't start. Thankfully, standard 6v6 multiplayer works just fine with no crossplay.

Well, there you go!

You're now all set if you'd like to keep your Modern Warfare 2 matchmaking pool strictly limited to Xbox.

What are your thoughts on MW2 multiplayer so far? Leave a comment down below!