How To Access Free 'The Crew Motorfest' Beta On Xbox Series X|S

Ubisoft's upcoming open world racer The Crew Motorfest is heading to Xbox consoles this September, and ahead of launch the team is hosting a closed beta on current-gen platforms and PC.

However, this upcoming playtest is not as 'closed' as you might expect, with Ubisoft freely sharing multi-use codes to gain access to the beta on current-gen consoles. We'll drop a few examples of where to grab these codes down below, but bare in mind, they do have limits as you can see:

Now, although the top post is in partnership with PlayStation, you should have no trouble using the code to play on Xbox platforms. We've used this code, and it's allowed us to gain access to the Xbox Series X|S version. Here's how:

How To Access The Crew Motorfest Beta On Xbox

  1. Enter one of the above codes at The Crew Motorfest website
  2. Log into your Ubisoft account
  3. Redeem the code and choose your platform of choice
  4. You will then receive an email containing a code to redeem on your console

Do bare in mind that there is a slight delay on getting access to your Xbox code - ours came through a few hours after confirming our platform of choice on the Ubisoft website. Once the code does arrive, redeem it on Xbox Series X|S and voila, you should be ready to go for the weekend!

The Crew Motorfest beta is live July 21 through July 24, starting at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am BST this Friday.

How To Access Free 'The Crew Motorfest' Beta On Xbox Series X|S 1

Are you going to try out this weekend's The Crew Motorfest beta? Let us know!